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The only known species is restricted to eastern Australia; it is not known from Tas.


A family known from one small, dark species with wing span 8-10 mm. Ocelli absent. Maxillary palps 3-segmented in male, curved and held upright in front of face, apical segment short; in female maxillary palps 5-segmented. Antennae about as long as fore wing, basal segment short, about half as long as head, posterior setal warts large, rounded. Mesoscutum setal warts small, oval, often indistinct; scutellum with median, dome-shaped wart. Wings slender, pointed apically; discoidal and median cells absent; large hyaline area in centre of wing at anastomosis; anterior margin of hind wing with sparse long bristles on basal half. Tibial spurs 2:2:4; mid leg with a row of short, dark spines on femur, tibia and tarsus.
Larval head almost circular in frontal view, frontoclypeal apotome broad, antennae about midway between eyes and anterior margin of head capsule; labrum prominent; ventral apotome indistinct, triangular, genae almost abutting at occipital foramen. Pronotal sclerite with anterolateral angles distinctly extended, acute; meso- and metanotal sclerites indistinct, legs stout. Abdominal gills and lateral fringe absent; anal prolegs usually with one accessory hook. Larval case tubular, slightly curved, constructed of small sand grains.