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The genus Stenopsychodes was described in the family Polycentropodidae by Ulmer (1916), retained there by Mosely and Kimmins (1953), placed in the family Psychomyiidae by Riek (1970) but transferred to the family Stenopsychidae by Schmid (1969).


Adults medium to moderately large with wing span 18-35 mm, often with colourful black and golden wing pattern. The Australian species are all assigned the endemic Stenopsychodes which differs from the other genera by the absence of ocelli. Maxillary palps 5-segmented in both sexes, segment 2 with apical brush of bristles, and segment 5 longer than all other segments combined. Antennae rather robust, about as long or slightly longer than fore wing, basal segment short. Mesoscutum with pair of rounded setal warts, separated by anteriorly produced mesal section of scutellum; scutellum with single mesal wart. Wing venation complete, regular and similar in both sexes; discoidal and median cells closed in both wings. Tibial spurs 3:4:4.
Larvae of the Australian species are unknown but specimens believed to belong here resembles Polycentropodidae. Three genera with about 70 species are known from Ethiopian, Asian Palaearctic, Oriental and Australasian regions. Stenopsychodes is well represented on Cape York Peninsula but is not known from New Guinea.

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