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Only 2 species are known in this small, geographically disjunct family. Austromerope poultoni has been collected only in the vicinity of Perth, W.A., beneath objects on the ground (log, rock) and in pitfall traps (Faithfull, Majer and Postle 1985; Smithers 1988). Merope tuber is widespread but uncommon in the eastern half of North America (Byers 1973).
Relatively broad, brown-tinged wings held overlapped and flat above the abdomen, and the opisthognathous head partially concealed by the pronotum, give these secretive insects a cockroach-like appearance. The antennae are only about one-fourth of the wing length and thickened in the basal half; eyes reniform. Wings with multiple branchings of R and M and numerous cross-veins. In males, the genital appendages are nearly as long as the rest of the abdomen.