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These are the most commonly collected Australian Mecoptera. They are large (fore wing 17.5-26 mm in Harpobittacus , 14-16.5 mm in other genera) and by suspending themselves in leafy vegetation and carrying prey in flight are more conspicuous than other mecopterans. The family is widespread, with numerous species in tropical and temperate regions.
Single-clawed, raptorial tarsi. Wings elongate, slender basally. Compound eyes large, protruding; ocelli large, on a median prominence; rostrum slender. Basistyles of male bulbous, broadly fused ventrally; dististyles ordinarily small, inconspicuous; T9 divided into 2 lobes, clasper-like in appearance but not in function. Larvae with 2 dorsal rows of branched, fleshy processes.
Byers (1986) and Smithers (1987) provided keys to Australian genera and species.

  • Bittacidae

  • Harpobittacus sp.