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The adults rest with antennae porrect. The larvae of the endemic Corythangela from eastern N.S.W. feed on Casuarina in an elongate case of pieces of the branchlets. Other endemic species are referred to Coleophora , and little is known about their early stages. An unnamed Coleophora with grey wings and veins outlined with ochreous has been reared from larvae feeding on Rutidosis . C . serinipennella makes galls in the stems of Chenopodiaceae in inland N.S.W. The bronzy green C . alcyonipennella from Europe is established in south-eastern Australia, Tas. and New Zealand, where the larva feeds on the flowers of white clover, greatly reducing seed production.


Very small; head smooth-scaled; ocelli absent; scape with scale tuft or pecten; maxillary palps minute, 1- to 4-segmented; labial palps long, recurved; epiphysis sometimes reduced or absent; hind tibiae usually with long piliform scales; fore wing lanceolate, without transverse markings and rarely with pterostigma, at least 1 vein absent; hind wing linear-lanceolate, usually at least 1 vein absent; female with frenulum of 1 bristle; T1-7 each with 2 elongate patches of spines not concealed by scales; valva in male partly divided, gnathos elongate, with spinose apical knob. Larva in 1st instar with ventral prolegs sometimes absent, but anal prolegs present; in later instars prolegs may be absent from segment 6, or from 3-6; a leaf-miner in 1st instar, then a case-bearer, feeding externally on leaves or flowers, or mining in leaves. Pupa with maxillary palps absent, labial palps and fore femora exposed, in larval case.