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The family is endemic to Australia. It contains only Anomoses hylecoetes , which has been placed in its own family by Turner (1922) and Kristensen (1978b) or in the otherwise southern African family Prototheoridae (Philpott 1928). A . hylecoetes is a dull brown moth from rainforests in southern Qld and northern N.S.W. It comes to light and has been collected in Malaise traps during the spring and early summer. Nothing is known about the immature stages or their life history.


Small; head with lamellar scales and scattered long hair-scales; flagellar segments with long, pointed, brown hair-scales; proboscis a short vestige; maxillary palps minute; labial palps 3-segmented, longer than head capsule; epiphysis absent; spurs 0-2-4; wings devoid of microtrichia beyond base, with both primitive- and normal-type scales, jugum and frenular bristles present; fore wing with prominent tuft of erect, spatulate scales at base, with Sc forked, R 4 and R 5 stalked or free, CuP present; hind wing with pencil of hair-scales in long pocket formed by a fold of inner portion of dorsum.