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Pieridae Duponchel, 1835


The family includes 4 subfamilies Pseudopontiinae, Dismorphiinae, Pierinae and Coliadinae, of which the last 2 occur in Australia.


Medium-sized; maxillary palps absent; labial palps ascending, appressed to frons; epiphysis absent, fore leg fully developed, tibiae spined, spurs 0-2-2, tarsal claws bifid; fore wing usually lacking at least 1 branch of R, 1 anal vein; hind wing with humeral vein present, vestigial, or absent, Sc + R 1 diverging from Rs at base, 2 anal veins, wing scales containing pterine-type pigments. Egg vertically fusiform, with vertical and horizontal ribs; laid singly or in groups. Larva cylindrical, with numerous short, fine, secondary setae crochets bi- or triordinal; sometimes gregarious. Pupa angular, often with spines or ridges; attached by cremaster and central silken girdle.

  • Delias mysis

  • Delias harpalyce

  • Delias mysis emerging

  • Delias nigrina emerging

  • Pieris rapae

  • Larva of Belenois java