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Adult and larval archeocrypticids may be found in leaf litter or in the softer fruiting bodies of some polypores, such as Piptoporus .


More or less ovate, slightly flattened, finely pubescent, black or brown beetles. Frontoclypeal suture distinct; apical segment of maxillary palp expanded and truncate; lateral pronotal margins well-developed; prosternal process abruptly expanded apically; tibiae more or less spinose.

Larvae elongate, parallel-sided, slightly flattened and lightly sclerotised, with simple, acute, posteriorly projecting urogomphi which are well separated at base.


There are several Australian genera, including Enneboeus , Enneboeopsis , Wattianus , Falsoplatydema and Neboissianus . [Kaszab 1984.]