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Discolomids may be collected in leaf litter or under bark, and they are known to feed on the fruiting bodies of various polypore fungi.


Broadly ovate and flattened, subglabrous or pubescent beetles with more or less explanate side margins bearing glandular pores on both prothorax and elytra. Antennae distinctive, having enlarged and expanded terminal segment forming club; frontoclypeal suture present; ventrite 1 much longer than 2; all coxae small and globose with long internal extensions.

Larvae broadly ovate, flattened and disc-like, with head more or less concealed from above and vestiture consisting of club-like setae around edges and star-shaped scales on dorsal surface.


The Australian species all belong to the genus Aphanocephalus . [Fukuda 1969; John 1959; Lea 1922b.]

  • Aphanocephalus sp.