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The single species, Lamingtonium binnaburrense , occurs in the rainforests of northern N.S.W. and southern Qld, where adults and larvae have been found feeding in a soft polypore fruiting body. [Sen Gupta and Crowson 1969b.]


Oblong and slightly flattened, subglabrous beetles, yellowish to reddish brown with transverse dark band on elytra. Supra-antennal ridges sharply defined; distinct frontoclypeal prominence present; labrum not visible; mandible without mola but with setose, hyaline lobe and brush of hairs at base; ventrite 1 not much longer than 2.

Larvae elongate and somewhat flattened, with paired endocarinae on head; long diverging hypostomal rods, acute; hyaline, mesal lobe at base of mandible; short urogomphi bearing accessory tubercles; and 8th spiracles located at the ends of long tubes.