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Adults and larvae of Cavognatha pullivora and Zeonidicola chathamensis and adults of Z. dumbletoni and Taphropiestes sp. have been found in the nests of and sometimes on the nestlings of various bird species. [Crowson 1964a, 1973a; Sen Gupta and Crowson 1966, 1969a; Watt 1980.]


Elongate, slightly flattened, pubescent beetles with apically widened sutural flanges on elytra, pair of cavities (usually joined by strongly curved impression) on frons, and simple prothorax with rounded angles and indistinct lateral carinae.

Larvae elongate and parallel-sided with tergal plates on thoracic and most abdominal segments; mandibles with distinctive, forked hyaline process near base of mesal edge and no mola; mala falciform; with short, posteriorly projecting urogomphi.


The family includes Cavognatha and Taphropiestes , both of which occur in Australia and South America, and Neocercus and Zeonidicola , which are restricted to New Zealand.