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Tillyard (1926) recorded E. australis from Uromycladium galls on Acacia , but specimens have also been taken in bark crevices, leaf litter and tree fern crowns, as well as in a river sample, where they probably originated in the forest canopy or on riparian vegetation. [Crowson 1955.]


Elongate, somewhat flattened beetles clothed with stout, decumbent setae. Head with strongly arched frontoclypeal suture resembling that in Sphindidae; antennal club weak; pronotum somewhat explanate laterally; tarsi densely setose below; elytra with deep window punctures and series of weak longitudinal elevations.

Presumed larvae with tuberculate, mottled dorsal surface and distinctive T9 armed with ring of blunt processes in addition to urogomphi.


This family, which also occurs in southern South America, includes several Australian species (one described) tentatively placed in Ericmodes but probably representing two undescribed genera.