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At least 3 species of Nosodendron occur in eastern Australia; both larvae and adults live in slime fluxes which develop in tree wounds. [Costa et al. 1986.]


Ovoid, convex, glabrous and shining, black beetles, capable of folding their legs into ventral cavities, as in Byrrhidae. Unlike Byrrhidae, having prognathous head, well-marked, 3-segmented, tomentose antennal club, and maxillae and prementum concealed beneath enlarged mentum.

Larvae elongate, fusiform, somewhat flattened, and dorsally granulate and tuberculate, with T8 forming tapered, terminal process with spiracles at apex. Frontal arms distant at base; 3rd antennal segment reduced; mandibles with complex armature and vestiture; maxillae provided with comb-hairs.