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Males are relatively common during the day on low foliage bordering rainforest, and when disturbed feign death and drop to the ground; females are rare in the same situations. [Lawrence 1988b.]


Elongate, dull coloured, pubescent beetles with moderately long antennae, strongly deflexed head, an elongate and narrow clypeus and concealed, membranous labrum, a relatively narrow prothorax without lateral carinae, broad metepisterna and no transverse metasternal suture, large hind coxae with well developed vertical faces, moderately stout and tuberculate tibiae, the hind pair of which are expanded apically, and simple tarsi with pectinate claws. Females differ from males in being somewhat stouter with shorter antennae.


The single species Rhinorhipus tamborinensis has been collected only in early Spring (late October) at higher elevations in southern Qld.