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The only Australian species is Chelonarium australicum from North Qld.


Oval, lenticular, highly compact beetles with a strongly deflexed head not visible from above and legs capable of being retracted into cavities on ventral surface. Labrum and mandibles highly reduced and concealed; antennae with 2nd and 3rd segments enlarged, 4th minute and last 7 slender and weakly serrate; pronotum with continuous carina formed from lateral carinae and anterior edge and basal interlocking device with crenulations; prosternum  highly reduced; mesosternum with large cavity for receiving prosternal process; metasternal transverse suture absent; elytra with narrow epipleural grooves which interlock with pterothorax and abdomen; tibiae flattened and provided with external spines; tarsi with segment 4 reduced, 3 with membranous appendage beneath it; tarsal claws toothed.