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This family includes the Australian genus Omma , the South American Tetraphalerus , and Crowsoniella relicta from Italy.


Australian ommatids may be distinguished from Cupedidae by the shorter, laterally inserted antennae, reduced labrum, tridentate mandibles, contiguous fore coxal cavities, and simple 4th tarsal segment, and by lacking ventral grooves for the reception of the legs. There are three described species, but they are rarely collected.


Two species occur in eastern Australia ( O. mastersi , 7 to 11 mm long, clothed with flat, white and brown scales and O. stanleyi , 13--25 mm long, clothed with stout, decumbent setae), and a third is known from southern W.A. ( O. sagitta , 10 mm and similar to mastersi but with the light scales forming an X on the combined elytra). [Neboiss 1960, 1989]

  • Omma rutherfordi