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Laemophloeids usually feed on moulds or on the spores and stromata of various other Ascomycetes, but Cryptolestes ferrugineus and some related species are important pests of stored grains. [Lefkovitch 1959, 1962.]


Elongate, parallel-sided and usually flattened, glabrous or pubescent beetles with a large, prognathous head, prominent mandibles, antennae which never have a very large or abrupt club and may have a modified scape in the male, a pronotum bearing a pair of longitudinal, submarginal carinae, and elytra which are often carinate.

Larvae narrowly elongate, parallel-sided, flattened and lightly sclerotised, except for head, 8th segment and T9. Head flattened, with moderately long antennae, paired dorsal endocarinae and long, parallel hypostomal rods; mandible with several hyaline processes near base of mesal edge; mala blunt; T9 forming articulated plate, and S9 and segment 10 reduced and concealed within emargination in S8.


The Australian fauna includes Cryptolestes , Laemophloeus , Placonotus and Rhabdophloeus .

  • Cryptolestes sp. (flat grain beetle)