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Derodontidae LeConte, 1861


The only Australian species is Nothoderodontus darlingtoni , which occurs in wet forest in Tas., Vic. and the A.C.T. Its habits are unknown, but the New Zealand N. gourlayi feeds on the hyphae and conidia of sooty moulds (Ascomycetes: Capnodiaceae and related families). [Lawrence 1985a.]


Distinctive beetles with paired ocelli and a series of canals and bridges on head, pronotum divided into several cells by longitudinal ridges and transverse elevations, and elytra with a number of deep pits at bases of striae. Mid coxal cavities  partly closed by metepisterna; metasternum with transverse suture; hind coxal plates well-developed; a pair of longitudinal carinae near middle of ventrite 1.

Larvae elongate, slightly tapered posteriorly, with dorsal surfaces granulate, tuberculate and usually with paired processes on all segments except 10th, which is cylindrical and posteroventrally oriented. Head transverse, with no epicranial stem and contiguous frontal arms, and spiracles borne on tubular processes.