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Sphindidae du Val, 1860


Both adult and larval Sphindidae feed on the spores of slime moulds (Myxomycetes).


Oblong to broadly ovate, convex beetles, usually finely pubescent with large, abrupt, tomentose antennal club. Frontoclypeal suture characteristically arched; mandibles with dorsal tubercle and setose cavity like those in Boganiidae; elytral punctation seriate; tibial spurs usually absent; tarsi simple; pygidium usually slotted to receive elytral apices.

Larvae elongate, tapered posteriorly and lightly sclerotised, except for head and weak tergal plates on either prothorax or abdominal segments 3--9; antennae usually more than half as long as head width.


Most Australian species belong to Aspidiphorus , which is widely distributed in the Old World, but an undescribed genus occurs in Tas. and Vic. [Sen Gupta and Crowson 1979; Burakowski and Slipinski 1987]