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Prostomidae Thomson C.G., 1859


Adult and larval prostomids occur within wet, brown rotten wood, and their presence is marked by the mud-like consistency of the substrate.


Elongate, more or less parallel-sided, flattened, reddish brown and subglabrous beetles. Head either elongate with large, projecting mandibles ( Prostomis ) or expanded laterally and wider than pronotum ( Dryocora ); genae slightly to strongly produced anteriorly; eyes small; frontoclypeal suture distinct; lateral pronotal carinae absent; fore and mid coxae widely separated.

Larvae elongate, parallel-sided, flattened and lightly sclerotised, with broad, asymmetrical head; mandibles with large, asymmetrical, transversely ridged molae; mala rounded and broadly cleft; T9 with pair of lightly sclerotised, slightly upturned urogomphi; S9 with row of fine asperities at apex.


Prostomis occur throughout eastern Australia and also in western North America, eastern Asia, Africa and the Pacific Region; whereas Dryocora are known from Vic., Tas. and New Zealand only.