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Chalcodryidae Watt, 1974


Both adults and larvae have been found by beating or pyrethrin spraying the crowns of tree ferns in Tas. The inclusion of Sirrhas in this family is open to question, since both adults and larvae have a number of features in common with both Zopheridae and Perimylopidae (from southern South America), while the larvae differ in several respects from those of the New Zealand Chalcodrya . [Watt 1967, 1970, 1974a.]


The only Australian genus currently placed in this family is Sirrhas , which includes elongate, somewhat flattened, relatively soft-bodied forms with long legs and long, slender, weakly clubbed antennae. Antennal insertions exposed; apical segment of maxillary palp securiform; eyes slightly emarginate; prosternal process narrow and abruptly expanded apically as in Zopheridae; tarsi not lobed.

Larvae elongate, parallel-sided and slightly flattened, with dorsal surfaces well sclerotised and distinctively marked with yellow and brown; antennae moderately long; epicranial stem long; T9 with ring of 10 acute processes, the apical 4 of which represent the forked urogomphi.