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Adults and larvae are known to feed in the softer fruiting bodies of some Basidiomycetes, but adults may also be attracted to carrion-baited traps. [Sen Gupta and Crowson 1966, 1969a.]


Oblong, convex, pubescent beetles with distinct antennal club (sometimes of leiodid type with reduced 2nd segment), well-developed, curved frontoclypeal suture, visible labrum, dorsal mandibular tubercles (but not cavities), finely crenulate or denticulate lateral pronotal carinae, and contiguous elytral apices (without expanded sutural flange).

Larvae elongate, tapered posteriorly and relatively lightly sclerotised, with tuberculate dorsal surface, truncate or falcate mala, and 1-segmented labial palps.


In addition to Hobartius tasmanicus and Hydnobioides pubescens , there are several other undescribed species in south-eastern Australia and in Argentina and Chile.