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Scarabaeidae always live in concealed habitats, feeding on roots, dung, or decaying vegetable matter. [McQuillan 1985.]


Usually stout-bodied beetles of moderate to large size; occasionally brightly coloured (few Melolonthinae, some Rutelinae, many Cetoniinae) or rarely small and clothed with scales ( Microvalgus ). With the exception of Phaenognatha , Saprus , and certain Rutelinae, either the labrum or the mandibles are concealed from above by the clypeus, and in most cases both are concealed. Except in Saprus , exposed mandibles have non-opposable apices. The antennal club is variable but not cupuliform. Scarab larvae always have 4 or apparently 5 antennal segments, and the legs are never modified as stridulatory organs.

  • Scarabaeidae

  • Xylotrupes ulysses subsp. Australicus

  • Anoplognathus abnormis

  • Scarabaeidae larvae

  • Scarabaeidae

  • Calloodes grayianus

  • Dysdiatheta sp.

  • Scarabaeidae

  • Eupoecila australasiae