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Green lacewings are one of the largest families of Neuroptera, with about 2000 named species, and very widely distributed. Many aspects of the family are discussed in Canard et al . (1984).


The species are predominantly green and delicate, with fore wing length of 8-30 mm. Most have the wings clear and 'glassy' but some are brightly patterned or spotted. In one Australian genus ( Oligochrysa ) veins Sc and R 1 fuse near the wing apex, but in all other Australian species these veins are linked by short distal cross-veins. The venation is distinctive with some longitudinal veins closely associated, to form a 'pseudomedia' (Psm) and 'pseudocubitus' (Psc), and distinct irregular 'cellules' in both wings. Trichosors are absent and the fore wing jugal lobe is usually reduced.


Recent forms are placed in 3 subfamilies, all represented in Australia (New 1980, 1983c). Fossil forms are in a fourth subfamily, Mesochrysopinae.

  • Chrysopa sp.

  • Lacewing

  • Ankylopteryx rieki

  • Dictyochrysa peterseni

  • Mallada tripunctatus