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The Geocoridae were considered until recently to be a subfamily of the Lygaeidae. We have followed the revision by Henry (1997) and recognised them at family rank.

Within the superfamily Lygeoidea the Geocoridae are unusual in that members of the subfamily Geocorinae display a primarily predaceous habit, feeding upon other arthropods. However, research suggests that omnivory may be common and that plant material may be required for development.

The other Australian subfamily, the Pamphantinae, is assumed to feed on plants, though there is little known of the single Australian species, Austropamphantus woodwardi .


The Australian geocorid fauna comprises 4 genera and 20 species. The family is recorded from the entire Australian mainland, Tasmania and Christmas Island, with species richness concentrated in north-east Queensland.

  • Geocoridae (Heteroptera)