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The Cryptorhamphidae were considered until recently to be a subfamily of the Lygaeidae. We have followed the revision by Henry (1997) and recognised them at family rank.

This family is restricted to Australia, with one species also shared with Fiji. There is little information on the ecology of this family. Host associations for some species include grasses (Poaceae), chenopods (Chenopodiaceae), legumes (Fabaceae and Mimosaceae) and myrtles (Myrtaceae).


Only 4 species have been described. Cryptorhamphus orbus is found throughout Australia. Cryptorhamphus slateri is found only in the south-eastern coastal region of the continent. Gonystusnasutus is found in coastal areas of Victoria and southern NSW as well as Fiji. Gonystus grossi is confined to South Australia.

  • Cryptorhampidae (Heteroptera)