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These bugs are unusual among the Heteroptera in that they live their lives burrowing through the soil.

The legs of most Cydnidae are armed with strong spines and numerous setae that aid in their fossorial (burrowing) lifestyle. To complement these spines, the head and legs may also be flattened and the body surface smooth and shiny. Their diet includes the roots of plants, stems or seeds that have fallen upon the ground.

The biology of Australian endemic species is not well known and no host records are available. The introduced Geotomus pygmaeus has been associated with sugar cane and the roots of pinapple plants.


Australia has 69 described species of Cydnidae, divided into the very small subfamily Cephalocteinae (1 species - Scaptocoris australis ) and the larger Cydninae. The Cydninae is cosmopolitan in distribution and contains 39 genera and 68 species.

  • Cydnidae (Heteroptera)

  • Adrisa sp.