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The scentless plant bugs are not well represented in Australia with only 6 species thus far described.

The Rhopalidae are seed feeders upon a variety of plants from the families Malvaceae, Asteraceae, Euphorbaceae, Sapindaceae, Rutaceae, Solanaceae, Moraceae and Polygonaceae. About half of the Australian fauna is shared with south-east Asia though Leptocoris subrufescens is found only on Christmas Island.


Two subfamilies and 2 genera are recorded from Australia. The subfamily Rhopalinae contains the single subspecies Liorhyssus hyalinus hyalinus which is found throughout the southern and central areas of the mainland. The Serinethinae contains the genus Leptocoris and 5 species that are found mostly in central and northern areas of the mainland and on Christmas Island.

  • Rhopalidae (Heteroptera)