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he Berytidae, or stilt bugs, are a distinctly shaped group that are found in all major zoogeographic regions of the world. They are easily recognised by their long antennae and legs. The appendages often have swellings, mostly at the end of the femora combined with a short, bulbous final antennal segment.

The Berytidae are primarily herbivores that feed on the sap of their plant hosts. A few species have been recorded as preying upon the eggs or young of other insects, though this is suggested to be evidence of omnivory and not exclusive predatory behaviour. Many Berytids are found on plants with sticky hairs.


The Australian Bertytidae are found in all states and territories and comprise 6 genera and 7 species in the 3 subfamilies - Berytinae, Metacanthinae and Gampsocorinae.

  • Berytidae (Heteroptera)