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These unusual looking bugs have no common name as they are cryptic in their habits and very small in size (aprox. 2 - 4 mm long) and therefore very rarely collected. There are only 17 described species worldwide.

Thaumastocorids feed upon vegetation, sucking the sap out of hosts such as Banksia , Acacia and Eucalyptus . Little is known of the habits of thaumastocorids and much research remains to be done on their feeding preferences, mating habits and life history.


Australia possesses a large proportion of the world fauna with 11 species recorded as occuring here, all from the subfamily Thaumastocorinae. This subfamily is found in all Australian states and contains three genera - Thaumastocoris , Onymocoris and Baclozygum .

  • Thaumastocoridae (Heteroptera)